Monday, June 09, 2008

Frog Fishing

After catching a frog on a Mepps, I know the readers of this blog - like me - probably had a nagging question that demanded an answer. Just how hungry are these bullfrogs?

I had a busy day at work and this time of year there is plenty of daylight left for a little fishing after supper. I probed all the familiar spots looking for the bass but the recent high temps and lack of rain had them hunkered down in the weedbeds.

I strapped on a BGW and found some unsuspecting frogs lurking along the edge of the weeds. I had to make long accurate casts in the ever-present wind but finally got one in front of old Mr. Frog. Sure enough, he came after the BGW with a vengence!

I did learn a valuable lesson after the first frog - point him away from you as you are removing the hook. These guys can squirt a mile!

I managed to find a couple of LMB up tight to the shoreline just at dusk.

Sunset at Evans Lake - a gift on any evening.


Bawana said...

That stuff their squirting would leave warts on a bowling ball, better do a wart exam for a few weeks.Bawana has spoken.

Paul Batchelder said...

I guess the BGW works better than I thought!