Saturday, June 14, 2008

Estes Park Wool Market - Wares

Beyond a fine collection of fiber bearing animals, there were several vendors at the Wool Market showing off their wares.

This was a huge piece of fine work being put on display.

This vender had a display of Yak fibers and yarns.

This local vendor used a consistent color scheme to create a nice collection.

Buffalo anyone?

The Rocky Mtn. Llama and Alpaca booth had a nice variety of articles.

This wool is ready for spinning.

Dying wool is a big part of some fiber workers trade.
The colorful wool can be felted into hats...

Or spun into yarns for knitting and weaving.

Eva's purse was colorful too.

Here is my little shopper at the Brooks Farm display.
The wool market is also home to many demonstrations like this woman spinning.

This lady is practicing needle felting.

Warping a loom.

Dusters made from sheepskin.

This young lady is proud of her sheep pelts.

Many wooden articles are available including these weaving and spinning supplies.

The shopper has found something!


Paul Batchelder said...

Tracy looks right at home.....come to think of it, kind of like you at cabelas

Bawana said...

I could use that first sign at a couple of places I know. Nice shots as always John, keep up the good work!