Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fishing in Estes Park

After the Wool Market it was time to try our luck fishing in Moraine Park. This has to be one of the prettiest places in Colorado to fish but the lack of cover and regular fishing pressure makes catching a little challenging.

The Big Thompson winds through the park and has classic runs, glides and undercut banks.

We were blessed to have the local elk herd close by as we moved upstream.

Click the picture to get a nice view of these magnificent creatures.

Tracy tried her hand with the white roostertail and had a few follow it but couldn't connect.

I brought the two ultralights and plenty of WRTs just in case.

I caught a few small browns like this butter-yellow beauty.

Evan a small fish is a trophy in this setting.

The fish were good fighters for their size and fun to catch. I had a true whopper come out from under his hiding place and take a good look at the silver and white flashy lure but he decided to pass at the last minute. I won't speculate on how big I think he was but I will say he was easily the biggest fish I have seen in Rocky Mountain National Park in the three times I have been.

Tracy was not skunked after all. We stopped off at Golden Ponds after supper in Longmont and she connected with some of the stocked rainbows on rainbow colored Powerbait.

Fishing in Colorado - that's what its all about!

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