Sunday, May 31, 2009


May was a busy month. Between Matt's birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary we had lots of travel and other activities.

I spent more time fishing than blogging so here is my attempt at getting caught up.

Technically this picture was from a trip in late April but is still a nice shot.

A good night on the 1st Street Pier in Palacios.

Rat red from the kayak.

Two thirds of a Texas Slam.

Ready for action.

Mangrove snapper
Ever wonder how they got their name? Watch the video below...

This looks like a juvenile bluefish complete with mini razor sharp teeth.

A pretty lady and her pretty redfish.

This ladyfish is the poor man's tarpon.

Ladyfish profile.

Slimer - aka Gafftop. This big guy took a whole pinfish.

Our anniversary boat ride wasn't all that enjoyable - windy & cold!

Nice McNab trout caught in the yak.

Spanish mackerel caught on the west jetty.

Lunchtime flounder. This guy hit a Gulp under a popping cork.

Spanish mack's toothy grin.

The west jetty - we had it all to ourselves this day.

A trio of flatties.