Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fishing on the Beach Road

Saturday was still windy and promised to be HOT but we decided to strap on the boats and head to Matty anyway.

Kevin and family were taking the pop-up and we had plans to rendezvous for a continuation of our team fishing last Friday in Palacios.

When we arrived, it appeared that Kevin & his first mate were out paddling in East Matagorda Bay.

Tracy and I settled on a spot along the beach road and found that with the tide being high there were plenty of rat reds and puppy drum interested in our fresh dead shrimp.

Before long Kevin & his fishing buddy joined us and got in on the fun.

Kevin hooks up on a rat red.

Pretty blue tail.

The Wilsons have a double.

We even caught some small specks.

I love this guy's expression.

Tracy and a nice black drum.

Juvenile Ladyfish

This was the best catch of the day - an 18" multispot red.

OK...Tracy's 18" multispot red.

She fought an epic battle with this one and handled him like a pro. Nice job!


Bawana said...

That girl is taking to fishing like nothing I've ever seen. Have to start calling her the Natural.

Paul Batchelder said...

You had better look out Tracy will be out fishing... I mean catching you soon!