Thursday, June 26, 2008

Evening Bass on The Silver Spoon Buzzer

It has been a while since I visited Evans Lake and I was eager to get in some practice with the newest weapon in the tacklebox - the Nemire Silver Spoon Buzzer.

This innovative lure combines a classic silver spoon (wobble), an integrated rattle chamber (noise), a flashy flexible skirt (color), and a buzz blade mounted up front.

I really like this lure. It casts forever, quickly pops up on top, sputters, and flutters and really looks like it will draw a reaction strike.

My suspicions were right - Evans Lake Bass love the SSB.

The rain showers in the area provided a welcome sunset.

Another blessing from the Creator.

Back to business - the fish get real feisty after the sun's rays fade out.

Last fish of the evening. I'm ready to try the SSB out on some hungry reds and specks.


Paul Batchelder said...

I think the bass missed you! Running around with those trout!

Bawana said...

So many fish and so little time!