Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Sharks

Yes dear reader, there are sharks in Matagorda.

We caught them in the surf and in the river this year.

Check out Tracy's baby blacktip video:

I caught the bonnet nosed beauty below in the river out in front of our trailer. I was fishing with cut mullet and he was hungry!

Later that day, I was fishing with whole pinfish for gafftop and when I reeled this guy in I realized that there were still some sharks left in the river!

Nothing like a barge at sunset.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Matagorda Critters

Never one to pass up a good nature shot, I had to grab the camera when we saw this big rat snake on the way in to Pelican Point.

This guy was about 6 feet long and was looking for his evening meal.

This beetle was seen near our boat storage building.

It is a wood borer and I'm glad I don't have a lot of teak on our boat!

Mark's recent pictures of the doe & fawn have put me on the ropes. I came up with a pretty good entry from my trip to PA but when I tried to catch these on the riverbank last weekend I couldn't quite get them all in the frame. If you click on the picture and look hard, you can see "Bambi" and the rest of the herd.

Matagorda Cattle Drive

While in Matagorda for our anniversary week, Tracy and I got to witness part of the annual cattle drive. Local ranchers move the herd from the peninsula to the mainland in the Spring. Some of these had to swim across the mouth of the Colorado river.
Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PA Trout Fishing

I had a work trip to western central PA in June and brought along my fly rod "just in case".

This should have been a clue that I was in some pretty sweet country.

Click on the video above to get a feel for the "Fisherman's View".

This is Sinnemahoning Creek and though it is late in the season, there were still a few browns willing to rise to a caddis.

This is the money shot. Caught during the early afternoon.

Nice brown being released to grow up.

I had a coworker following me upstream who volunteered to take this shot.

Ready for the release.

Recovering after a tough battle.

I saw lots of wildlife including this family of hooded mergansers.

Another cool scene. This doe and nursing fawn came out along the river just upstream.

Parting shot.