Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dreaming up a Brown

It's been too long since I've been tickling a white roostertail across the big swirly pool on Snake Creek in the Heber Valley of central Utah. As the work meeting was to start on Monday, Tracy and I made the trek out on Friday. We spent most of the day Saturday driving on some scenic drives around the areas north and east of Salt Lake City and somehow ended up in the Heber Valley!

I was dreaming of brown trout all day and the time had finally arrived to see if there were any left in the creek.

It never hurts to spend some time on your knees before, during, and after a fishing trip.

Looks like a little stealth and a well placed WRT paid off once again.

This healthy brown was the answer to a prayer and really made my day.

Many fish have been pulled from the depths of the big swirly pool, but each one deserves a picture and reminds me of the first time brother Paul and I found this spot.

I was thinking about Paul today and since he was unable to make this trip, I figured the next fish I caught would be for him. I cast a few more times and suddenly hooked a BIG trout.

Thanks to my personal photographer and a long lens I am able to post this series of action photos showing the fight and landing of the feisty Snake Creek brown.

I didn't put a tape on this fish but my conservative estimate is that it was easily over 20".

Here is your fish Paul! I put her back so next time it will be your turn!