Sunday, June 22, 2008

Does Lightning Strike Twice?

After a short weekend I returned to Utah to finish what was started the week before. I was still thrilled by the fish I had connected with last week. It is not often you catch such a fish as the pretty brown trout from Snake Creek.

Tracy remained at home this trip and I was traveling light with only one spinning rod and a couple of WRTs. I arrived late on Sunday evening and took a ride up Daniels Canyon to see if I could find any cutts in Daniels Creek.

I found the beaver pond where I had fished many times before but couldn't get to it without some big time wet wading and slogging through some deep bog. At over 7000 ft elevation and no cell phone service, this flat-lander decided to pass and look for a spot with easier access.

You may recognize this spot from earlier posts like this one in 2005

I arrived in the middle of a big time mayfly hatch.
(click on th picture below for a closer look)

Of course my fly rod and box of hand-tied flys was back in Needville but I made a valiant attempt with the UL & WRT.
The cutthroats were there and willing but I couldn't seem to hang on to them long enough to get a picture. After losing three nice 12"-14" fish without a single frame, I finally got a shot at this juvenile Cut-Bow.

As the sun dipped behind the mountain I headed for the Heber Valley below and to the big riffle in Snake Creek to see if my big Brown buddies were ready to come out and play.

I put the sneak on big time and after a few casts saw a pretty brown chase the WRT. It could easily have been the one I caught here last week - same size and color.

I continued to cast and swing the lure through the turbulent creek and was finally rewarded with another beautiful brown.

This fish was about the same length as the 20 incher but was heavier and more yellow in color.

Pretty Snake Creek Brown in the fading sun.

The Money Shot with the Trestle in the background.

I guess Lightning does strike twice after all!


Bawana said...

Another quality Brown, wonder where his Mama hangs out???

Paul Batchelder said...

Lighting indeed! Great looking fish.
Daniels creek looks good too!