Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fishing with Dylan

After more than a week away from home it was nice to sleep in our own bed for a change. We returned on Friday and after taking care of the yard and the pets it was time to head for the salt.

Tracy's sister Elizabeth and her nephew Dylan came to enjoy a day at the beach.

Dylan looks pretty tough in his Indiana Jones hat.
He was ready to tackle some fish!

After lunch we started out at the beach. Check out this cowboy surfer team!

While Tracy searched for shells and Elizabeth & Dylan did some "surfing", I kept guard on the Jeep and amused myself with some dead shrimp and a treble hook.

We stopped for an early dinner at at Spoonbills and tried fishing afterwards along the beach road. There were plenty of crabs but the only fish we saw was a mud minnow caught by Mr. Dylan.

Aunt Elizabeth trying her hand with the telescopic ultralight.

We moved to the Colorado River Locks and began catching some pinfish and croaker. The sky was darkening with an approaching storm when Dylan connected with the biggest fish of the day.

Nice black drum Dylan!

The storm hit just after we rolled up the lines and headed for home. We drove through quite a lightning show and a little much needed rain.

While it was a short trip it was just what was needed after a trip away from home.

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Bawana said...

Nice going Dylan! Looks like you had a real good time.