Saturday, August 26, 2006

The BGW Comes Through

After my last visit to Lake Evans I was ready to redeem myself.

I was going to go back to Cypress Flats and fish the BGW and catch that big mouthed baby if it was the last thing I did.

You can see the small cypress tree in the photo and I felt sure that if I snaked the BGW across the shallows I would find the usual hungry fish waiting there for me.

After several casts with no takers, I began working my way around the pond to a sunken brushpile. I got a hit but didn't give it enough time before trying to set the hook and pulled it out of his mouth.

Fishing this time of year can sure be tricky! The fish are not very active due to the water temperature and low oxygen levels but I wasn't going home skunked tonight.

I got to enjoy a nice sunset and put on my game face as darkness fell on Lake Evans.

I made a long cast to within 2 feet of the opposite shore near a small point when I felt the old familiar feeling - "tap-tap-tap" and I gave plenty of slack to insure that the fish had the whole worm in his mouth.

Then I tried to pull his lips off!

Yee Haw! The fight was on! I made sure that I got this one to "smile for the birdie" before turning him loose.

The agony of defeat has turned to sweet victory.

Fishing is great and I love it but tonight I was reminded that the ultimate goal is to catch a fish.

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eatmorefish said...

They look like the color of the fish I am getting in the creek...Kind of pale
I will post my latest catch today. One bigger than I thought was in the creek and one smaller than I thought would hit the WRT.