Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Now You See Me

The first full day's meeting is in the books.

Time to go fishing!

I decided to head up to the upper end of Snake Creek and try out some terrestials.

The local farmers are bailing hay and there are lots of hoppers in the fields. I also have been reading a lot about ants and am eager to try them out.

The creek flow is down to normal but I have been told by the landowner that there has been several kids swimming and playing in the creek all summer.

I saw lots of signs to confirm that there had been a lot of human activity in and around the creek. I wasn't getting any action on the hopper that I started with and decided to switch to a red and black ant.

There were some small browns like this little guy and they liked the ant!

It was pretty tough to get a picture while balancing on the steep side of the creek bank and just after I got the first shot and was trying for the next, my catch and release reflex kicked in!

Now you see me - now you don't. Bye bye for now......

I took a ride to the lower end of Snake Creek and fished till dark without making any further "connections". I did get this nice shot of the full moon rising in the beautiful Heber Valley.

I have again been blessed by the wonders of God's creation.

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