Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lost My Touch

After being gone for so long it was time to take a trip to Lake Evans to see if I could still catch a bass or if I had lost my touch.

The water level is still low and the heat of the summer has the fish off their feed.

I started with a new Zoom Horny Toad called Watermelon Crawfish.
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It seemed like just the right color for the bass in Evans Lake.

I approached the lake from the East so I could cast in a shallow area I call Cypress Flats that is known cruising territory for big fish.

I made a good cast and sure enough I had a taker as the big fish violently engulfed the soft plastic frog.

Then I smartly jerked it out of his mouth!

What was I doing? Where had my sensibility gone? I reacted to the take just like the first time I saw a rise to a topwater lure - pure adrenalin reaction.

OK lets try again. I fished the toad for a while but didn't get another strike.

I switched to another new bait called a Slug-Go.

I had watched Robert Young at Rio Brazos use one and was intrigued. This soft plastic stick bait has great action and the one I had was colored like a baby bass. Nothing doing.

Sooner or later I will learn that the magic of Evans Lake is that there is one bait I can always count on. I put on the BGW and took a few casts when I got a hook up.

I would like to say that I landed the fish and had a good picture to post. Infortunately in my rush to beach the big-mouthed beauty I practiced the art of LDCR.

I guess I will have to settle for another beautiful sunset over Lake Evans.

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Always worth the price of admission.

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