Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Early Morning Workout

I had an early conference call this morning.

Since the weather her in the Heber Valley (Utah) is so nice I decided to take the call in a place where I could enjoy a little exercise. The mountain air had a bite and I got to the spot just as the sun was coming up.

You know the spot - Snake creek!
I had the UL and the white RT as I only had about 30 minutes to "exercise"
before I had to get on the conference call.

I got quite a workout from this big Snake Creek Brown.

Two other big boys try to grab the confidence bait
but I pulled one away too fast and the other one just missed!

This guy measured 21" and was easily 2+ pounds.

"Hello" - "Yes I've been working out."
"My breathing and heartbeat will return to normal in a few minutes."

"What's that gurgling sound?" "Oh nothing...."


eatmorefish said...

If they do not know what that gurgling sound is by now that don't know you very well! What a nice fish, it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you forgot to tell the story about the waders!!!!