Thursday, May 15, 2008

Matagorda - Day 5

The wind was a little lighter today so the plan was to paddle across the river mouth to the jetties on the far side and do some fishing and beach exploring. The paddle was easy going over with the breeze at our backs and I fished a topwater plug along the far shoreline. While casting near some jumping bait I got a nice blowup but didn't connect. It was most likely a trout but the feeding had probably shut down by the time I got there.

We pulled the boats up on the river bank and headed down the jetties. There were some Spanish Mackerel chasing bait in the channel between the jetties but they would have nothing to do with my topwater plug. They were targeting small shad and I needed a silver spoon with a wire leader to get serious with these guys. They would have made short work of my fluorocarbon leader had I successfully hooked one.

Captain Tracy preparing to launch the Plastic Navy at the river mouth.

Big John pulling the boats up on the rocky shoreline.

The west jetties are somewhat remote even though you can see the RV park across the channel.

We were greeted by this "Wave Wrangler" heading out for a One Man Water Rodeo.

Walking along this wild beach we saw many shells and this Stone Crab claw.

After returning to the park, we decided to head back to the Colorado River Locks.

An incoming cloud bank provided this nice sky scene.

The tower at the locks is a magnet for the local turkey vultures commonly known as Buzzards. There is even one on the light pole - he must be the ugly one.

I caught another Stingray and got him up on the grass for a quick picture.

This is the business end and you can imagine if this comes in contact with any part of your body it's gonna hurt!

Once again we had a great day with lots of together time and spent mostly outdoors enjoying the "Matagorda Life".

I need to be careful... I could get used to this!


Wool Winder said...

I could get used to it too!

Bawana said...

I think we could all get used to it!