Saturday, May 31, 2008

Matagorda Afternoon

Summer has arrived and Saturday seemed like a good time to make a trip to our favorite fishing hole - Matagorda.

We had a nice lunch and headed to the Colorado River Locks to soak some shrimp.

There were several of the usual suspects including a big eel, a stingray, and lots of hardheads and croakers. We both connected with several gafftop including this big boy which measured out at 23".

I need to take the next big one in to the official weigh station for the Texas STAR tournament and maybe I'll win a boat! Click here for the current leader board.

After a couple of hours at the Locks, we took a ride to the beach and while Tracy looked for shells, I continued my quest for the "tug-tug" at the end of my line.
The beach was in pretty good shape and I decided to use standard spinning tackle in the first gut.

After several hardheads and a few whiting, my efforts were rewarded with a little bigger fish.

This 16" black drum would make excellent grill fare and I was happy to have finally caught a keeper in the surf.

I love my fish!

As evening approached, we returned to Jetty Park and decided to launch the yaks and head across the mouth of the river to the west jetty and the Wild Beach.

I fished the base of the jetty and caught several double "h's" and finally saw two fishermen coming in from the end of the jetty with a nice mixed stringer. I still had about 30 minutes left to fish so I hustled out across the blocks of granite and found silver waiting for me.

One nice speckled trout would join the drum in the cooler. I also hooked a big ladyfish and had a wild fight as it went aerobatic but ended up performing a LDCR at the last minute.

Excellent picture by my favorite beachcomber.

The glory of the setting sun at the Matagorda jetty.

Better get paddling before darkness sets in.

The tool of the trade. A silver Nemire Spoon Buzzer.

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Bawana said...

That lure would make a fine necklace or earring