Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Matagorda - Day 4

Wednesday was a day for bank fishing. We decided to try a couple of spots and settled on the Colorado River Locks. The fishing was fun with lots of different species and watching the barges and boats added to the enjoyment.

This Sheepshead was one of many interesting fish that were hungry for shrimp.

This Pinfish was a little easier to handle with gloves.

While small enough to be used for baitfish for larger species, these colorful little bottom feeders are fun to catch on light tackle.

Several boats were coming through the Locks including this US Coast Guard vessel.

On the way home for lunch we spotted this juvenile armadillo on his way to safety in the brush.

One of the species we caught were Gafftopsail catfish. (the big one was Tracy's) Her biggest one was 20 inches long!

This Mangrove Snapper is a relative newcomer to this part of the Gulf Coast. You can see his "snappers" in this picture.

When the barges would pass through, the water would get stirred up and different species would show up like this saltwater eel.

We caught both versions of Kingfish aka Whiting. The Gulf Kingfish is silvery gray above, paler on the abdomen, with no markings on the sides.

The Southern Kingfish is silver-gray to brown in color, with darker markings often more mottled than a regular pattern.

Sometimes it's hard to leave work behind. Tracy caught me taking a call from work as I simultaneously landed a fish.

This Corp of Engineers work boat bears the name LockTender(Lock Keeper) for all you Stan Rogers fans.

Click the video below to see this Little Blue Heron in action.

Another Successful Fisherman.

The day ended with a cool sunset. God's glory abounds if you can take time to look for it.


Paul Batchelder said...

That is one big Gaff top! We may need to rename your blog
"Shrimp Soaker"

Phil and Rachel said...

Looks like a full day! You certainly captured a wide variety of wildlife. It is a blessing to enjoy God's glory in creation.

Bawana said...

Thanks for the education on all the different kinds of fish. It is amazing to see the variety of them in that one place.