Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matagorda - Day 1

We arrived on Sunday evening for a week at the LCRA RV park.

I tried cast netting some bait but quickly decided a trip to the bait store was what I needed to do if I was going to fish.

I selected a variety - fresh dead shrimp and squid and some frozen squid.

Upon returning I baited up the two 10' rods and launched them out into the river.

The main thing that was biting was mosquitos. There were clouds of them and the strongest deet spray barly kept them off you. I ended up catching one gafftop (no picture before calling it a night.


Bawana said...

Not a great start but if you are going to be there a week I'm betting on you to crack the case.

Paul Batchelder said...

Where are the mosquito shots!