Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Matagorda - Day 3

Tuesday began with a trip to McNab Lake. The wind had died down some overnight but before long it was back up to a steady 15mph. I managed to find one keeper red in John's Pocket which was fooled by a 1/4 oz gold spoon.

On the way out I came up on this feral hog and managed to get close enough to almost reach out and touch him before he realized what I was. Check out the video below.

After lunch we tried the piers again and I shot these two videos of the new fisher in the family.

Tracy catches a croaker right on cue.

Blue Crab anyone?

Tracy and I were joined by some good friends from Bay City for supper. Our usual hangouts were closed so we had to settle for dinner at the local bar & grill called The Reef. The cusine wasn't exactly low fat but tasted good anyway.

We took a sunset walk out on the pier and spotted the schooling mullet for the shot below.

The day ended after a nice visit with David & Sharron.

By the time we said goodnight we were all ready for a good night's rest.


Paul Batchelder said...

you better watch out, Tracy may be showing you how to get those reds next!

Bawana said...

Nice video of Tracy I'm impressed! Really got a kick out of the crab he was lively.