Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bass, Birds, & Blooms

Not much time to fish this weekend. Our house guests stayed until Saturday morning and had to head back. The week went by too fast!

After they headed north for OKC, Tracy went to a baby shower and I did yard work.

We attended a funeral of a dear sister in Christ after lunch and then the annual Senior Banquet on Saturday evening.

On Sunday our congregation had "Bring a Friend" day with a pot luck luncheon following. Even with all that I made a couple of short visits to Evans Lake.

I did some fly fishing and tried out this Tail Spin Shad from Bass Pro.

I caught 12 bass on the tail spin. I was using the 1/4 oz model which would cast a mile and really vibrated on a steady fast retrieve.

The wind was blowing pretty hard at one point and I was fishing near a small oak tree. I heard what sounded like an apple falling from a tree and landing in the grass with a "thump". My natural curiosity led me to the base of the tree where I found this nearly grown dove chick. Apparently, this little guy had been perched on the edge of the nest and when the wind began to blow he went over the side.

He took a pretty hard fall as the nest was a good 20 feet up the tree. I checked on him later and found that indeed he did not survive. The fire ants had already begun their work and hopefully Mother Dove would have better luck with her other chick.

For those who are feeling bad for the poor little chick I do have some pictures taken in our yard this morning of another dove nest. This nest was intact and the chicks were safe and sound.

I also had the pleasure of seeing some rose buds and blossoms on a climber called "Lafter". The early morning light and fresh petals made a nice combination.

My final pictures of this post are of some nice bass caught on the fly rod this afternoon. They liked the red & white Dahlberg Diver - a deer hair bug that mainly floats and gently dives when retrieved.

This is an exciting way to fish as the bass come to the surface to take the bug.

Some of the strikes are violent and some are subtle but either way they get your blood pumping!

You don't have to go very far to see the beauty of God's creation.

It's all around us!

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Bawana said...

Nice Post and great pictures. Looks like that new Tailspin should work pretty good on Lake Champlain.