Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Somebody Stop Me

I need to go out of town so I can get some sleep.

It seems that my loving wife is right -

I don't often use good judgement when it comes to fishing.

We are about to head out for a work trip to South Carolina via Jacksonville FL for the rest of the week and guess what I thought would be a good idea?

The weather is mild, the wind promised to lay down after dark, and the time changed so it will get dark earlier - just what a night-fisherman loves to hear.

Come on here - I don't need any more encouragement!

On top of all that I now have a ready supply of Crazy Shad lures and my order from Cubby came in with a nice assortment of glow-in-the-dark grubs of various sizes.

I caught this beautiful shot on the way home from work:
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Most sane folks would enjoy the evening by relaxing at home in their favorite easy chair and get to bed early.

Only the Crazy Fishermen in the crowd would understand what I was contemplating.

I needed to deliver the dogs to their "sitter" so I loaded up the rods and my formitible arsenel of lures and soft plastics and headed to Palacios promising Tracy that I would return before it got too late.

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The new 1/8 oz BIG Mini-Mite Jig worked great!

I also tried the 1/16 oz along with my 1/16 oz double shad rig.

Both were hot as the fish were small and feeding on glass minnows.

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See why they call speckled trout "Yellow Mouth".

They ought to call them piranha.

Check out those teeth!

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This shot shows an undersized Speck (14")

See the light on the water in the top of the photo?

That's about 40 feet out from the pier.

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Another shot in more natural light.

I didn't stay out too late.

There were lots of sand trout and one guy was keeping them so I helped him fill up a 5-gallon bucket.

I was using the small stuff and the ultralight and caught about 20 fish in about an hour including several doubles.

It is a lot of fun just to catch these guys as they put up a pretty good fight on light tackle.

I had to be careful on the return home as it was after midnight and most of the roads I travel are rural farm roads. One spot near the San Bernard river is prone to deer crossings and tonight was no exception.

I hate to say this but I passed a small buck within four feet of my vehicle at 20mph and thought about Paul spending the weekend sitting in a tree stand waiting for a deer to come by.

Hey brother - how about a "cast & blast" adventure?

We could install a "deer on the pier" feature.

Watch this video:

Black Hog Down

and see what you think.


eatmorefish said...

Poor Charlie...imagine someone setting up a dummy hog or rabbit or something and haveing them shoot it!
I like the cast and blast...but if you get them with the truck it does not count. Kind of like Charlie.

Bawana said...

What an original idea! Why didn't I think of that??????????