Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast knows that after a healthy rain like we recently had (8-10 inches) a good crop of mosquitos will soon follow.

The flat terrain prevents complete runoff and the thick clay soil gets saturated and won't let the water soak in. The result is that lots of areas hold water and become breeding grounds for the skeeters.

I met Paul this afternoon to transfer ownership of an aquarium (one less responsibility) and to give him a belated birthday gift. Happy birthday Bro!

Fortunately we met at a nearby Academy Sports & Outdoors store and got to look for some fresh pickings for my next night fishing adventure. I'm somehow convinced that if I find and buy every tiny glo-in-the-dark soft plastic bait that I will be able to maintain my reputation as the "King of the Pier".

Maybe one day I'll be called the "Sultan of Shad" or "MG (micro grub)Hammer". Maybe I'll go for "Mr. T" - trout that is. Ok now - enough of that.

I was able to escape the city before getting caught in too much traffic and had an early supper which left enough time for a quick trip to Evans Lake before the baseball game started.

As this picture shows, EL is prime time mosquito country and any normal fisherman with any sense would have packed it up and called it a day.

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I had been inside all day thinking about how nice it was outside and I did not want to let a few bugs ruin my fishing so I pulled out the secret weapon.

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Old Woodsman Fly Dope

If you have never heard of Old Woodsman, it is one of those products that you remember from your childhood but haven't seen in years. I found it on this website and ordered some to see if it was the same thing. One whiff and I knew it was genuine.

This stuff stinks but it works!

I was able to fish until nearly dark and was followed by a literal cloud of bugs but sustained only a couple of bites.

Oh and I did manage to catch one bass.

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Bigmouth & the BGW

He was a healthy fish and took the BGW in the cove. I had one more strike on a fast retrieve but missed the hookset. I was hoping for more and decided to give this guy a good talking to before letting him go.

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"Go tell your friends that I want more than a one-fish trip!"

I guess I showed him who's boss....

I got a nice picture of this reflection.

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Time to head for home.

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Bawana said...

Better get used to sleeping on the couch if you keep running that Old Woodsmans on yourself. Anyway you won't need a Nitelight just charge up some of those neon grubs and scatter them around. Maybe make a lighted trail to the bathroom and the fridge.