Saturday, October 28, 2006

Two Pounder Flounder

Reports from an unnamed high-ranking government official indicate that once again a crazy man had been seen on the 1st Street Pier in Palacios Texas.

Previous reports allege that this man has shown up in the heat of July with a fishing rod and a bag of dead shrimp, has stayed up all hours of the night catching sand trout, has driven from his home in Needville - 65 miles away - in the middle of the night to wet a line, and most recently and I might add most alarming, has been seen catching keeper sized speckled trout on a 1/32 oz crappie jig.

The latest report is almost unbelieveable. Bystanders attest that this lunatic hooked and landed a 2 1/2 pound flounder with an ultralight rod and was fishing with a naked, white, glow-in-the-dark worm that is designed to be fished on a tandem jig called "The Puzzler".

Who does this guy think he is anyway?
What about tradition - what about convention?

We have standards after all!

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Here is the fish in question alongside the famous telescopic rod.

Most logical fishermen will tell you that this story
is highly unlikely given the unique configuration of the flatfish:

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They are bottom dwellers after all and are ambush predators not worm eaters.

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And who believes that a #2 thin wire hook
could withstand this mouthful of teeth?

A co-conspirator Joe Riviera (AKA Cholo) was also seen
catching large specks on a bass plug and a light rod.

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Please be on the lookout for this guy at places like this:

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This rogue fisherman is influencing others! He must be stopped.

He is known to move about in the darkness and
generally sneaks off just about daylight.

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One passerby claims to have caught him in this photo
but we do not have independent confirmation.

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Be on the lookout - I'm sure he will be back!


Bawana said...

How big around was that fish before you backed over him????????

eatmorefish said...

What a nice supper! and fat free too! I think I will buy stock in Gander Mt.

DJ Wooly Bugger said...

Post Script

Don't come looking for thie fish.
Tracy & I destroyed all the evidence