Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fishing Buddy

I made a new friend today.

I didn't catch his name but we hit it off right away just the same.

Tracy & I were spending the afternoon walking the streets of Historic Charleston and ended up at Waterfront Park which faces Charleston Harbor.

It's a beautiful spot and looked like a reasonable place to fish. The water is pretty and there is a nice grassy shoreline that is perfect for the baitfish, shrimp, and crabs which will attract the bigger fish we all love to catch.

Sure enough we found a fisherman catching dinner.

I engaged him in a little conversation
and finally got him to reveal what he was catching:

black drum and croaker

"Just enough for supper"

He was using dead shrimp on the bottom -
another reason we got along so well!

I asked him if he ever caught any speckled trout off this pier.

He not only told me that he did
He had to show me as well!

The size limit for specks in SC is 12" instead of the Texas limit of 15".

This baby is going in the box!

I don't think I'll be coming here without a rod in the future....


eatmorefish said...

looks like justa few fo a gumbo

Bawana said...

John think fishing show. On the road with JB. That kind of thing.