Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fisherman's Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what goes through a fisherman's mind?

See below for a sample:

"Hey it's Sunday afternoon. A beautiful sunny day and I have an idea".

"Let's go exploring!

I've heard about a place called Oyster Lake down near Palacios"

"You can enjoy the pretty day and maybe get some nice pictures"

Translation: "Maybe I'll get to wet a line."

"OK - so I don't have a map. I'll just run in this store and get one."

"OK - so they don't have a map.
I think I can find it from the directions a guy on the pier gave me."

"Why am I turning around?
I think that road we passed about a mile back was the one we were supposed to take."

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"OK - it's not Oyster Lake but the Tres Palacios River is pretty cool eh?"

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"I'll just make a cast or two so you can take my picture."

Translation: " I'll bet there is a big flounder in here."

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"Nice grassy bank....."

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"Maybe I need to vary the retrieve..."

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"I wonder what the tide is doing...."

"Yeah I'm almost ready too.

Don't you want to get me casting again?"

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"Wow! Did you see that mullet jump?
There must be some big trout in here..."

All in all it was a beautiful day...

We got some nice pictures (check this one out)

And I did get to wet a line!


eatmorefish said...

You are way over thinking this.
nice day......
lets fish. (hunt,kayak,bike,walk,insert anything but work here)

Bawana said...

Nice camera work, We enjoyed the story. Blog on Brother.