Saturday, September 23, 2006

Parts is Parts

I love seeing fish in the fading light of the evening....

Especially when they are hanging off a BGW on the end of my line.

I spent the better part of the day shopping with Tracy today. After we returned home and made some pizzas "nearly from scratch" I was eager to take a ride out of town to visit my "friends" in Lake Evans.

With me being gone for most of the week, the pond has quieted down. I think the Evans fishermen are preoccupied with dove and deer season from now until Thanksgiving so I should be the sole angler in the lake.

There was some cooler weather (even thought today was back to the 90's) and the fish are setting up new patterns of feeding and activity.

I tried the BGW in my usual pattern and wasn't rewarded with a strike until I had casted about 25 times along the cove.

The first two fish were small and I only got the camera on one of them.

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Can you see my reflection in the eye?

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The fins are translucent in the fading light.

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Try to copy that pattern of color and texture!

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Ready to return to the deep.

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Sundown over Lake Evans

1 comment:

Bawana said...

Nice fish brother, what rod and # test line are you running that BGW with? I looked close at the eye but the only reflection that I could see looked like me.