Saturday, September 09, 2006

Morning Mist

I had a plan for this morning:

  • Clean the travel trailer
  • Go to the bank
  • Brush the dogs
  • Drop off donations
  • Go to Walmart

I actually slept in (7:30) and when I got up it was drizzling and looking like it was going to rain all day.

Time to adjust the plan...

I have been wanting to try out Evans Lake in the morning. I decided this was the day.

Tracy was already busy on the computer when I promised not to stay too long.

After all - I still wanted to get some of the original list of things done today.

As you can see below, it was a worthwhile trip and the BGW was the ticket.

I'm Watching You!

Big Bass on the BGW

Healthy Big Mouth

A Handful of Bass

Hey - Put me back in the water!


After my hour of fun on the lake, we took care of most of the rest of the list.
We even found our way to a yarn store!

Maybe I'll get the trailer washed tomorrow.


all_aglow said...

"I'm watching you!" photo is great! Keep those fish running scared. It was good to talk to you tonight! Love, Me.

eatmorefish said...

Those fish aren't skeered, just not too smart! It is nice to have a spot close where you can stem the fishing tide. Checked Scott's fish tank yesterday and 3 little blue gill are MIA but the bass looks happy!