Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fishing in Your Sleep

I don't know why everybody thinks I fish too much.

Just because I have been known to get up extra early or stay up too late fishing doesn't mean anything. Everybody knows that the fish get more active at dusk or even after sundown, don't they?

This evening I fished all around Lake Evans without one strike. I saw the wake of a spooked fish near Cypress Flats and felt that if I found my way back to that spot later I might find that the bass had returned.

The eldest Evans son Josh showed up at dusk and we had a good conversation. He is a recent graduate of Needville High School and is taking some college classes. It was good to visit with Josh as I hadn't seen him in quite a while. We swapped fishing stories from the previous weekend as the Evans were in Port O'Connor while we were in Palacios.

Next Mr. Mark Evans himself drove up with son #3. They were returning from a football game and told me that they had stomped a 4A school (Needville is a 3A school). Ryan came and watched me fish for a few minutes but had to retire to the house to get busy with homework. He had a good fish story about catching some bass in Kerrville near the deer lease.

Mark and Josh followed me to Cypress Flats and I dropped a BGW right on top of the lurking largemouth on the third cast.

I knew he would be back!

Photo by Mark Evans

Who says you can't catch fish with your eyes closed!

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eatmorefish said...

Now you see why it is so hard for me to get away too far from the BGW. That thing just WORKS!
That sure looked like a nice fish.