Saturday, March 15, 2008

Variety Day

I have been looking forward to Saturday all week.

The weather was finally going to cooperate for a kayak trip to Matagorda. Tracy's new boat needed to get wet!

Before heading south, I spent an hour in the morning trying out a new theory. Something about the bass in Evans Lake and a new 3/8 oz white roostertail I picked up while in Academy with Paul earlier in the week.

If you are wondering, YES, a 2lb LMB will hit a WRT!

I didn't take any pictures so you will either have to take my word for it or get out there and prove it to yourself.

We got the boats and the Liberty loaded with gear, water, and snacks (you've got to have snacks) and headed to Matagorda. First stop was Spoonbills for lunch. The owner and chef Edie Pruitt came out to greet us and to hand deliver the best grilled chicken sandwich in the world. We've been there enough times now that she recognizes us and takes time to say hello every time.

There's something to be said for small town hospitality!

The temperature was predicted to be in the 80's and it turned out to be true. We got to Rawlings Cut right after lunch and immediately noticed that there was enough wind to cause whitecaps on the river.
(Note to self - when there is enough wind to cause whitecaps on the river it may be best to seek another fishing spot.

The paddle out to the bay was into the wind and we saw tons of bait and horse mullet in the cut. When we came around the last bend with a 100 yards or so to go we were met with a powerboat full of sports casting live shrimp under popping corks. They must have been seeking shelter from the wind and we pulled up and let them fish a while before moving on through. It never hurts to practice the Golden Rule when fishing.

After they pulled out and motored back out to the bay we moved to the mouth of the cut. I had previously devised a plan to go left when we reached the bay and did so which put me right into the teeth of a 25 mph or so "breeze". Tracy was behind me as I made slow progress along the west shoreline. Before long I looked back to see her heading back to the cut. I followed and we decided it was too rough to continue.

I let the wind push me into the pocket to the right of the cut but even that area was all but unfishable due to the wind. The fishing trip was short lived as we headed back down the cut to the launch. The one bright spot was a large flock of white pelicans and roseatte spoonbills that came whirling up out of the marsh and eventually came right over us. We were both trying to manuver into a position where we could get them on film. My best attempt yielded this short and sad little piece of video. Maybe you can get the idea.

The rest of the afternoon we spent on the beach. This week is Spring Break for some high school and college kids so the beach was as crowded as we have ever seen it.

We drove a while but the sand was fluffy and rutted up by all the traffic so we parked and walked a ways. There were some big jellyfish called Cabbage Heads washing up so we took some pictures.


They don't look too big until you see them in perspective:


Jellyfish Art

Slimy Crown



Victim of the road

There were some other critters appearing since the weather is warming up:

Beach Armor

Big Black Flying Ant

Stick Bug

Red Flying Ant

Matagorda Beach Traffic Jam

My Favorite Beachcomber

It was nice to be outdoors feeling the sun and getting a little taste of summer. There will surely be some cooler weather to come but before long the Texas heat will be upon us.


Bawana said...

Great shots of the beach, too bad about the wind, that note to self about the whitecaps on the river, had to learn that one myself.

Paul Batchelder said...

Looks like there were plenty of critters on the beach!