Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Camera

Enough is Enough.

I've been unhappy with the Olympus 820 since I bought it to replace my Pentax Optio last fall. The picture quality was not as good as advertised especially in lower light situations. The camera was hard to hold onto and the controls were located such that I would always hit buttons that I did not intend to.

Since this was a "work camera" I sent it it to try to get the sensor replaced under warranty and in the mean time decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. I found a Canon Powershot SD750 on sale. This compact point& shoot camera has 7.1 mega pixel resolution and many of the same features as the Optio.

I took it out for a test drive and am more than pleased with the results.

The camera fits in my hand for the now famous "arm's length" self portraits. The picture quality is great, and video quality much improved over the Olympus. I like the fast recovery time and the LCD is easy to see even in sunlight.

Take a look at this video and see if you agree:

Stay tuned...


Bawana said...

I'd say thats a keeper! The camera I mean. I'm still using the SD700 IS for my everyday go everywhere, Camera. I thought the video looked great you always find the perfect music to go with them. ObamaWana has spoken.

Paul Batchelder said...

We need to go to pinkston!