Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bull Dog and Bull Frog

This evening I went to Evans Lake to try our a new soft plastic rig.


This DOA C.A.L series 3 inch Shad Tail in Silver Mullet on a bullet weighted worm hook proved to be a deadly combination. I caught several bass by working the worm-like through the weeds. I think this will be a good spring rig in the marsh when the fish are keying in on smaller bait.

While fishing this evening I got challenged by one of the lake owner's dogs. The owner was out of town and his wife and their new baby were at home so I guess Max felt a little more protective than usual. Max is a big white American Bulldog like the one in this picture:


He is normally all bark and bluff but tonight he decided to push me away from his side of the pond. He came up close to me as usual but instead of stopping a few yards away like he normally did, he kept coming. I held my ground and thought he might just get a sniff but when he opened his mouth I almost experienced what kind of power resides in those jaws. I successfully backed away from his agressive posturing until the owners wife finally figured out what was going on and came out to rescue me.

She is about 5 ft nothing and it felt a little funny having her bring the big dog under control with just her voice but I'm glad she was there and came out when she did.

I'm afraid my 7ft graphite rod with cork handle might not have been enough to stop him if we had ended up in a tussle.

I think some pepper spray may be in my pocket from now on.

After six or eight fish, the mullet finally gave up the ghost so I switched to the BGW on the weighted worm hook. Mr. Evans came out and as we visited through the fading light I caught three more nice bass.

When I hit the road for home it was nearly full dark and on my way out the driveway, my headlights picked up FrogZilla.


What is the biggest frog you have ever seen?

I thought I had seen some big bullfrogs before but tonight I saw the biggest frog ever. This guy even made some I've seen in the zoo look small.


I wish I could have put something in the shot to give perspective.
These legs were each "quarter pounders". They were bigger than an average chicken leg.


The frog was found in the driveway between the lake and some drainage ditches along the pasture. He was either hunting ground birds or baby calves.


This picture is the best one to get some idea of the size. If you could get a saddle on him, you could get quite a ride.

Without embellishment he was easilly over a pound and could have eaten half of the fish I have caught in Evans Lake.


I was a little nervous getting this close to his business end.

It would make a good shoulder mount...

The Internet sites I found say that the American Bullfrog is the largest frog in North America and grows to between 4 and 6 inches long and can weigh up to a pound or more. If I would have known this fact, I would have saved him for an official measurement for a state record.

I may trap a few of these in the future and carry them instead of pepper spray to scare off Max.


Bawana said...

Neither rain nor snow, nor sleet nor dark of night..."

"...shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds".

You will note it says nothing about Bulldogs and Bullfrogs!

Paul Batchelder said...

Sounds like a lot of bull........sorry couldn't pass that one up! Thats quite a frog!