Friday, March 21, 2008

Texas Trout Fishing

There is only one River in Texas that supports year round trout fishing.

While the Texas Parks and Wildlife has a robust program of winter rainbow trout stocking that includes city ponds, lakes, and rivers, all the trout are either caught, eaten by predators, or die when the summer sun heats up the water beyond what they can stand.

The Guadalupe River tailwater below Canyon Lake in New Braunfels is the exception. Here stocked trout can winter over and may possibly even spawn forming the only trout fishery in the state.

Paul Sr., Paul Jr. & I had a date with the Guad on Friday. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm, and the persistent winds that had been blowing continuously for over a week had subsided. Paul had located a guide on TKF that had posted some pictures of some nice recent catches and he assured us that everything seemed to be right for a great day of fishing.

He was right about the fishing.. the catching left a little to be desired but according to the message boards the high barometric pressure seemed to have most fish in the state with a case of lock jaw.

Be that as it may the "Fishermen Three" met up Thursday evening in New Braunfels for dinner and a visit to Cabela's before turning in for the night. Paul convinced our guide that an early morning start would be best - he preferred a slightly later departure but conceded the point after some urging and good natured arm twisting.

The following video tells the tale - all's well that ends well and this was one for the memory bank.

Thanks be to God for for a beautiful place and a great trip!


Bawana said...

It's cold up north but that's a sight to warm your heart. Looks like a great trip really enjoyed the video, thank you.

Paul Batchelder said...

Great job on the video. I got a little but mostly stills. The video sure shows the river nice. Why is it there seems to be posted signs everywhere I fish?