Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fort Worth

This weekend we had the opportunity to visit James & Robyn in Fort Worth.

While the main reason for the trip was to attend a funeral, we were able to spend some time visiting, eating, and attending church together on Sunday before heading back to Needville.

We always have fun with the Bocks family and this time was no exception. I got to play the band version of "Guitar Hero" and although I was only hitting every third note or so our band "The YarnFish" rocked!

James on the other hand was tearing up the drum pads and is becoming quite an accomplished singer as well.

The girls talked of yarn and knitting and compared projects. Robyn has completed two socks (different patterns) both of which are very pretty but don't go together. She'd better get busy and finish a mate for one of them.

The highlight of the trip was dinner at the Edelweiss Restaurant. This local icon has been serving up good food and fun for over 40 years. I tried to capture our experience in the following video:

Thanks Robyn & James for the special treat!


Anonymous said...

Dad - great video! One comment, though - I'm pretty sure that the lady you identified as Rhonda is named Helga...thought you might want to know for that extra bit of authenticity. I'm glad you guys came! It's always good to spend time together. Love you. --Robyn

Bawana said...

Looks like a fun place, enjoyed the video!