Monday, December 31, 2007

End of Year Fishing

Well this is it - the last day of 2007.

I don't know how the weather is where you are but here in Southeast Texas you couldn't ask for a better day. It started out cool and a bit foggy but promised to warm up to the low 70's and the wind was to remain light for most of the day.

We were up early (4AM) to see Matt off as he was heading north to Kansas prior to the beginning of the spring semester at OC.

Today was to be the first real adventure in the Magic - Tracy's Christmas present. This 12ft boat manufactured by Native Watercraft and is unique with it's open cockpit design and plug & play accessory system. The seat is also unique as it suspends the paddler up off the deck for a dry comfortable ride.

You may recall that my first attempt at a paddling adventure with Tracy didn't turn out so well. This time we had the right boat (with plugged scupper holes), an elevated seat, and light winds.

We headed for a spot on the Matagorda Peninsula called Three Mile Cut which contains some lakes and channels between the Gulf and East Matagorda Bay. I brought along some fishing gear since back in April I had caught a flounder from the shore on our first visit to this area.

PhotobucketBoats Loaded

PhotobucketLunch in Bay City

PhotobucketMatagorda County - our Future Home?

The following video documents our 2007 Kayak Adventure

After returning to the Visitor's Center, we decided to spend the remaining hour of daylight walking on the beach.

Picking shells provides some quiet time for reflection.

Photobucket2007 Beach Beauty of the Year

PhotobucketFar Away Thoughts


PhotobucketDune Flowers

PhotobucketIndian Blanket

PhotobucketSurf & Jetty


PhotobucketUnder The Pier

No fish today but we made up for it by having a great paddling experience and one of the best walks on the beach ever.

Happy New Year To All!


Paul Batchelder said...

great pictures but the video did not show up?

Bawana said...

The video is working here in VT might be something to do with satellite interference, from the one looking at your back yard!Great post John, great video and pictures we love the look of the new ride and the Jeep commercial is nice too. Sue loves the music on the video.

Phil and Rachel said...

What a picture perfect day! We hope you will have many enjoyable days of paddling.