Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Gulp

I got a great gift from Santa in my stocking. Berkley Gulp Shrimp in New Penny and Pearl White.


These 3" wonders really fool the redfish in the marsh and bays of the Texas Gulf Coast.

We have been having a great holiday with our kids in from out of town, good food, games, and gifts.

We took a ride to Matagorda yesterday but the wind was blowing between 25 & 30 mph so it was a short trip.

We attended the midweek services of the Church last night together and the time of devotion, singing, Scripture reading, and prayers was a fitting way to finish the time together.

After saying goodbye to the Ft. Worth gang this morning, it was time to load up the kayak and see if the white pearl Gulp could scare up a redfish.


When I arrived it was obviously a low tide situation.

The oyster beds were completely exposed at the launch.


No worries - I was determined to find the fish today!
I even have on my new knitted hat under my cap. (Thanks Tracy!)

Launch time - 1:30PM


I began the paddle to McNab but decided to veer right at the first split to see if I could make it to Gottschalk Lake.

I paddled for an hour and jumped two fish. The channel got so narrow in spots that I couldn't turn around. I finally gave up and turned back when I started dragging bottom in a wide flat. I paddled back to the split and made the turn to McNab.

That turned out to be a good decision as I finally got into some active fish in the potholes near the mouth of the main channel near McNab Lake. I got the pearl white gulp in front of a feeding fish and the ride was on!


This 26" red took a while to tire out.
He was by far the strongest fish I've tangled with in a kayak.


His belly looks big but when I opened him up he wasn't even full!


I picked up this rat red near the same spot as big brother.


Here I am at the launch just after dark.


Time for the cleaning table!

Fresh fish for supper tomorrow.


Bawana said...

One man unelected and unpaid.

Paul Batchelder said...

That will make some nice supper! What happen to my invitation??