Monday, November 13, 2006

Tampa Bay

On the road again.

Tracy & I headed to Florida today for a business meeting. I brought some fishing gear intending to wet a line in the eastern Gulf and the Atlantic but found myself with a new opportunity that I had not previously considered.

We crossed Tampa Bay on SR 92 and pulled off on the western shore to get some air and take some pictures. I was the photographer and Tracy was modeling her new sweater when right behind her was a big SPLASH!

I had to get a line in the water even thought I knew that my chances of success were slim to none.

Tracy took over the camera and did get some great shots of the shoreline and of me fishing!

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We continued on to Pinellas Park and to the Gulf Beaches.

We drove south from Indian Shores through Redington Shores, Redington Beach, and Maderia Beach. We decided to park & get out for a walk and once again I proved that the Ultralight goes with me everywhere.

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I wasn't getting quite the distance I needed but just wait until I pull out the big gun later this week. My 10ft surf rod with enough lead on the end will reach past the breakers!

I had a hard time exercising my Smith Driver training in this place:

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I'm pre-programmed to back into parking places but it's not allowed on Maderia Beach!

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day but we are staying in a hotel right on the Manatee River.

You never know where I might be casting after supper tomorrow!


Bawana said...

That ultralight is going to be more famous then the Green Hornet in Grumpy Old Men.

Phil and Rachel said...

Phil and I walked some of those same shores earlier this year! No fishing though!