Friday, July 07, 2006

Skunked no More

I recently had a string of bad luck at Evans Lake.

Some discount my characterization as poor technique and others blame it on the weather but let's just say that I got skunked twice in a row. I tried everything in the tackle box from the BGW to the Wild Eyed Swim Shad but nothing produced so much as a tickle.

I did get impatient on the last cast and pulled the BGW away from a would-be strike.

Oh well - Sunshine has returned to the lake(or make that Sunset to be precise).

Here's a little guy I caught on July 4th.
Photo by Mark Evans

We have been in the "Rainy Season" for the past week.
The water level is coming up slowly in the lake.

This is a previously tagged fish.
Note the iritated spot on the mouth.
I have stopped the tagging program for now
until I can find a better way to tag them.

Big Baby
This beauty took a BGW just at sundown and gave me a good fight.

Take me to the River....

Sunset over Lake Evans

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