Monday, July 17, 2006

Lake MacBride State Park

Our trip to Iowa continued...

We attended services on Sunday at the Center Point Road Church of Christ near Toddville, Iowa just north of Cedar Rapids and were greeted by a friendly group of Christians. It's nice to be able to worship God on the Lord's day no matter where you are.

After services we had a good-for-you lunch at Chili's in CR.

What to do on a Sunday afternoon in Iowa when it's in the high 90's?
I thought it would be a good idea to go try the fishing at Lake MacBride State Park while Tracy continued working for the little babies.

The park description sounded good,

"Lake Macbride is an angler's delight! Good catches of walleyes, channel catfish, crappies and bluegill await the angler in the 812-acre artificial lake. Walleyes, channel catfish and muskies are stocked annually. Lake Macbride may be the only lake in Iowa in which the prized Kentucky spotted bass can be caught. Good lake access is available for both shoreline and boat fishing."

The only problem was that every other person in the county had the same idea:
"Hey Honey - lets take the kids to the lake!"

Even this pair of Canada Geese had their young ones out for a swim.

I found a spot that looked promising - no people and lots of lily pads.

I didn't find any Kentucky Spotted Bass but I did tempt this green sunfish.

This sunfish also was fooled by the little brown worm.

After evening services we stopped at Ellis Park in Cedar Rapids. This city park has some water and I exercised the fly rod and caught some small sunnys but nothing photo worthy.

Later while filling up with gas I spotted this huge sulphur mayfly. I didn't see any of these at the park or on McLoud Run but I'll bet the fish would go crazy over some of these!

You never know where you might find a good bug picture.

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