Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back To Basics

Its good to travel and to try new things.

The trip to Iowa was refreshing and interesting but the bass in Lake Evans have been neglected for too long.

I've been busy since we returned and even tonight I finally got to mow the lawn after replacing the blade on the mower. You know it's amazing what a new blade can do. It's a good thing too since the grass was so tall I thought I might need to borrow a combine from one of the local farmers to harvest it.

Lake Evans was quiet and serene when I arrived after supper and I tried a new soft plastic crawfish near the brushpile where I usually have the best luck. I cast for 15 minutes without a tickle and changed to the BGW.

As brother Paul always reminds me,

"It's best not to fool with success"

or maybe it was,

"It's a fool to think he will be successful by trying something new"...

or something like that. Whatever

I was disappointed when after another 15 minutes I had not found one fish.

I had also brought a 2" Bunker colored Wild-Eyed Shad and tried it for a while as I began to circle the lake.


This little guy took the shad on a pause.
It's hard not to keep these moving through the weeds
but a good pause generally triggers a strike if a fish is following.

I fished the WES for a while then switched back to the BGW
as the sky was turning pink.

This guy was not too happy when I set the hook.

He jumped three times!

The best fish of the evening came at dusk.

He has some shoulders and gave me a good fight on the UL with 6lb test line.

I kept at it until the skeeters got so loud I couldn't hear myself think
and was rewarded with a final "catch of the day"

Four for Four - I love it when a plan comes together.

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eatmorefish said...

Some day you will listen to big brother...and the BGW!
That looked like a nice one, 3lbs?