Saturday, July 29, 2006

Surfside Jetty

I love to fish.

If you are a reader of this blog and haven't figured that out yet I thought I'd let you know.

Today is Saturday and after Matt & I finished mowing the lawn, I went to town to get a haircut and to run by the Home Depot for a few things. As the afternoon rolled on I began to think about taking a drive to Freeport and trying my luck off the jetties.

I had been there once before several years ago but not lately and not to fish.

There are two options when you get to Freeport - Bryan Beach or Surfside Beach.

Tracy wasn't too excited about going to watch me fish but she came along anyway. I was hoping that there would be some action so she wouldn't be too bored.

Now there is a "beach" there - but not one I would recommend. Gulf Coast beaches are not the best and when they are crowded and trashy the appeal is diminished even more.

There are several ways to fish in the area but with limited time and knowledge I chose the jetty. The Surfside jetty extends out several thousand feet into the surf.

I stayed in close to the parking area because I needed to get a line in the water pronto if I expected to have a chance of catching a fish.

We found out the hard way that jetty fishing has its own challenges.
Aside from the people there are other critters to contend with.

I never thought I would have to guard my bait shrimp from rats.


I only had about an hour and a half of daylight left to fish
but I was determined to give it my best.

I normally use dead shrimp on the bottom but also tried fishing one below a popping cork in near the rocks. I had the 10' rod with a double rigged leader out as far as I could cast it while I worked the other rod in close.

Even with the cork you have to be careful not to get hung in the rocks.

My efforts paid off and I brought this little speckled trout to hand.

Next up was a small redfish. A passerby called it a "rat red".
I wonder if that is a jetty fisherman term......

God's handiwork is beautiful even against the refineries.

Always remember to give thanks for another day -

especially if it includes fishing.

Photos by Tracy

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