Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pescado Blanco (White Bass)

It pays to listen to your big brother.

I thought I might beat Paul at his own game by substituting a different lure than the white roostertail.


Paul out fished me two to one and even though there were fewer fish than earlier in the week, we caught about 25 between us in a couple of hours.

The White Bass have been running up the East Fork of the San Jacinto River in deep East Texas for the past week.

I know Paul wished we could have limited out but these six will make a nice meal.

Note the big one on the end of the stringer - I'm sure that was one of mine!


eatmorefish said...

The pic's didi turn out nice. Now I have a reputation to live up to....Fish stringer picyures only!

Zachary said...

Hi. Came accross this site today - fly rods. I believe it's new and I was amazed by the pics in the pdf they're giving away, so I'm looking for recommendations from someone who knows, before I decide on anything from them.