Saturday, January 21, 2006

Could This Be The Legend?

For some people, going to the bank means a financial transaction.
For me it has a two-fold meaning.

It's Saturday morning - cool and cloudy with a pretty good breeze. I am up fairly early (for a Saturday) and enjoying a cup of coffee and a light breakfast with T. after Matt has gone on to meet the school bus. He will be performing in the all-region band later this evening.

Though T. is still still fighting off a cold, we make plans for going to town after lunch and to the concert later in the afternoon. I have a fishing show on on the TV and am thinking about what I need to get done today, deposit a check, get a haircut, go to the store - but a thought keeps nagging at me.

"Is she out there and can I reach her with the new fly rod?"

You know who I'm talking about - the Legend!

I decide it's worth a try and head to Lake Evans with a plan. I do stop off to deposit the check but I'm thinking about a different bank now.

I wanted to try the 6wt sinking line on the new TFO TiCrX 5wt rod fished deep.

I don't have the 'toon ready - it's in the bags - and don't think I really want to take time to get it together so I'll be fishing from "the bank". I can cover nearly the whole water fishing from shore with the ultralight spinning rig but I have a limited casting distance with the flyrod especially in the wind.

I had in mind to use a green and black conehead wooly bugger tied on a #10 gold hook Paul gave me last year. I've used it before in this lake with some success and it is similar in color to the deadly green worm.

I was making long casts to the deep water where I have hooked the Legend in the past when I noticed two young boys putting the sneak on me. Their dog barked and gave them away and they showed up just in time to see me hook and fight a BIG bass.

photo by Logan Evans

The Legend?

This was the biggest bass I've landed from Lake Evans (18" plus) and it was nice to catch it using my new rod. It was also nice to have two witnesses and a photographer. Thanks boys!

I continued to fish with the flyrod but didn't hook up again. I felt that I just wasn't getting out to the fish. I decided to switch to the UL and the BGW (big green worm) to confirm my suspicions.


Oh Yeah!

Here We Go!

Fish On!

That's What I'm Talking About!

Fish Eye

See Ya!

I ended up catching seven nice bass in all. It was getting near lunchtime and I knew I needed to go. "Just one more cast", I thought. "One more fish before I go". I tossed out a beauty - right where I wanted it. I had been thinking about how I had been using the same hook for almost a month, ever since paul introduced me to the BGW back in December when teh tip of my rod thumped forward twice. I leaned forward and gave some slack then gave a mighty pull to set the hook. "POP" there went my line just like that. Immediately I thought "That could have been Her".

It was definitely a big fish and as I was slapping the grass with my hookless rod I decided that I might start changing out my terminal tackle after catching and fighting a few chunky bass.

Live and Learn... anyway - it makes for a nice fish story.


eatmorefish said...

That 18 incher is a nice fish in anyones book. I am glad you are having luck with the BGW. One of my friends keeps after me tob try other baits but it's hard to argue with succes.

Bawana suun said...

What kind of knots are you pilgrims using?