Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bass Battle

Paul made the drive across Houston this morning to attend Bible Class & Sunday services with us.

It was a real blessing for our family and for many who were finally able to put a face with the name. The prayers will continue Brother!

Not that he was in a hurry to leave, but he did show me some pictures of the White Bass he had caught just yesterday and said he needed some more aerobic exercise in the kayak. When I said something about sending me some pictures he replied "Just check my BLOG!".

I guess I had that coming. Paul has been posting regularly and I'm afraid that before long his fishing adventures may overtake my own.

I still have some competitive spirit left in me and so begins:

"The Bass Battle"

Week to week we must compare notes to see not just who has been fishing, but who has been able to post the best pictures.

My latest entries from this afternoon:

New design for Southwest Airlines

Hot Lips!

Budda Bass - no food shortage here!
Bass in Grass


"Sun" fish

Chunky As you can see, these were all caught on the big green worm at my favorite fishin' hole, Evans Lake.

I've got to get Mr. Evans and sons in a fish-off soon.


Wool Winder said...

These are great pictures!

dr_worm_md said...

Yes, the pictures are good.

It's as if you capture the totem spirit of the fish each time you snap a photo.

Justin said...

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