Saturday, January 28, 2006

Boise Extreme

Idaho is known for many things, including I'm sure some extreme sports. Whether it's snowboarding, river rafting, or some other outrageous pursuit, those from the "Spud State" have seen many who take things to the extreme.

That being said, I'm not sure they have ever seen anything quite like what appeared on the Boise River near the Boise State University stadium this morning.

Several skeptical Safety Reps, one Tech Dev trooper, and a wild-eyed former dairy farmer from "North Mexico" showed up to go fishing! Now to be fair this may not seem too extreme for a Saturday morning except for the fact that it was January, COLD, windy, and snowing so hard that we had abandoned "plan A" which was to drive out of town to fish near the dam. We were all up for the crack of dawn but it never really cracked. It was still dark when we headed out at 7:30AM and never really got very light all morning.

We were all freshly trained in the art of being "Dynamic Presenters" but there wasn't anything in the class that said how to steer a crazy fisherman off his course. You see, I was going to fish. These companions of mine had heard of some of my fishing trips where weather did not stop me but now they were along for the ride.

I'm not sure I can accurately describe the situation. I'm regularly accused nowadays of having a one-track mind. My brother Mark assured me that he is quite familiar with this form of fishing-fever and he warned that it is highly contageous. He is concerned that an outbreak may require the CDC to issue a Global Pandemic warning to unsuspecting onlookers but I think I can set him at ease.

While the "lure" of fish-fever is pretty dangerous when the weather is fair and the fish are biting at anything you throw at them, it's not quite so toxic when the temperature is near or below freezing and the snow is blowing so hard you can't see your lure hit the water.

I was hoping to fly fish but as luck would have it the water release into the Boise River had been increased to the point where that was not recommended. I had packed my ultralight and a box of White Roostertails just in case so I decided to brave the conditions and at least try something.

Sandy bundled up and came along for moral support and the rest of the crew walked down to the water for a few minutes then headed back for the vehicles.

I tried a small RT with a sinker but the current was really swift and I decided to change to the BIG MAMA 1/4 oz honker Rooster Tail.

I was casting as far out as I could and letting it swing downstream with the current then making a slow steady retrieve against the current to cover the shoreline. On about the third cast with this heavier spinner I hooked up and was it ever a fish!

Photo by Sandy Fishler

Not official but - 20"+ and close to 2lbs.

If you are only going to catch one fish this is a good one to catch!

I'm not much for urban fishing but this day on the Boise River with fresh snow on every twig and a new fish story I can't complain.

Blessings are all around if you keep your eyes open.

The Lord blessed us all today - He just gave me a double portion!


Bawana said...

Way to go John! Why you were born and bred for conditons like that,is it my imagination or have you grown a hump between your shoulder blades. The bells the bells! She gave me water........

NLG said...

John, you should fire those safety reps for non-particapation. I did come away for a deeper appreciation for Pacific NW rain and knowledge to be a little better at my career. NLG

Justin said...

Hi. Came accross this site today - flyfishing. I believe it's new and I'm looking for recommendations from someone who knows, before I make any judgements.

Justin said...

Hi. Came accross this site today - fly rods. I believe it's new and I'm looking for recommendations from someone who knows, before I make any judgements.

Damien said...

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