Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dr. Pungo's Aqua-Therapy

I took the day off on Monday for a visit to the dentist.
I also scheduled a session of aqua-therapy with "Dr. Pungo".

Paul & his boys gave me a homemade business card refering to this type of treatment in case I was ever questioned by any Law Enforcement officials or other curious parties.

Paul had also been released from work so we loaded up his kayaks, (Wildneress Systems Pungo 120 & Pungo 140 models) and headed out for the white bass in the East Fork of the San Jacinto river.

This is a great way to cover some water in a hurry but to still enjoy the peace and quiet of the afternoon. We saw a big light colored hawk and some herons and ducks, and we heard some owls hooting up a storm near dusk.

We had a refreshing paddle upstream for about 20 minutes and, other than a speeding bass boat, had the river to ourselves.

Paul out fished me 2 to 1 but I still added 15 nice whites to the stringer. These babies really fight for their size and they are found in groups so when the bite is on they can really be fun to catch!

The river isn't clear and most of the vegetation this time of year is pretty dull, but Paul found this leaning tree trunk useful in framing the shot. Nice Cast!
In all we took 40 keepers to the cleaning table. Not a bad afternoon and just what the Doctor ordered.
How much can you ask for - moderate temps, no rain, day off, fish biting , and spending the afternoon with your brother!
The Bass Battle will have to wait. When the two oponents are on the same side there is an unfair advantage.

Boys-40 Fish- 0
" Looks like a fish fry is heading our way!"


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Glad you guys had a good time fising. Just want the Doctor ordered.


Bawana said...

Get your practice in the brook trout are waiting.