Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bodacious BBQ

On a recent trip to Oklahoma to help recover some of the family treasures, we stopped in Mt. Pleasant, Texas for supper.

The local BBQ house had all the usual meats & fixin's you would expect - sliced brisket, chopped beef, ribs, links, chicken, and turkey along with pinto beans potato salad, slaw, and an assortment of onions, pickles, and jalepeno peppers.

Bodacious BBQ didn't make the Texas Monthly top 50 but it was pretty good none the less.

There isn't anything like Texas BBQ!

This establishment had some interesting items decorating the walls including a license plate collection and several old photos and posters. The best display was the wasp nests that hung over the area you stood in before ordering. Someone must have a real eye for these or else they must have a real problem with them in this area! I've never seen so many big nests in one place and I hope I never come across them like this in the wild.

You don't want to linger long over your choices when ordering here!

Anybody have a stick? I think these are pinatas....

Hey pretty lady - don't look up!

Even the fall oak leaves can't disguise this big nest.

This one took some work. It looks like there are many layers upon layers.

A perfect home for the hoard.

Where's the welcome mat?

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