Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back Rehab

My back has been giving me fits lately so we decided to take it easy this weekend and just hang out at the trailer.

I made a purchase of a monopod with my Walmart gift card (thanks Gran & Papa). I tried it out on my way back from work on Thursday and caught this nice sunset.

We had supper on the way down so I hooked up the light to see if there would be any trout in the river. The fishing was very slow but there were some new visitors.

Two raccoons made their way down the rocks and passed right in front of me as I fished. They could tell I was near but when they looked up all they could see was the light.

I tried to catch some mullet in the cast net on Saturday morning but had to settle for some dead shrimp. Here is a double hookup - Tracy's pinfish and my little red.

Before long, Tracy caught this pretty multi-spot red just to show me that she still can.

We decided to take a ride out to the beach and ended up at Three Mile. It has been very dry and we could see a large grass fire develop in the distance.

The sky was pretty and the weather was nice but we couldn't seem to find any fish.

The Three Mile Lake area has returned to normal after the hurricane.

On the way back out, I stopped to see if there was any bait in the marsh. This snowy egret posed so I took his picture. I think she likes yellow shoes...

I got another good bird shot while sitting out at the river in front of the trailer. This great egret was winging along at a pretty good clip.

We now have some new neighbors in the RV park. They seem like they know everyone in the county and are ready to invite anyone and everyone else (including us) to "party" with then. They built a patio and a fire pit in the common area next to us and we are a little skeptical about how it is going to work out. Time will tell...

PPRV #7 has already proved to be a nice spot for us to unwind and relax after a hectic week. We are both looking forward to spending a week or so and getting in some springtime fishing!

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