Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Trout

There were still some things to do at PPRV #7 and while we had the use of the New Caney Special (Paul's utility trailer), Tracy and I loaded up some tools and supplies and headed south on Friday afternoon. We had decided not to splurge on gifts this year and our plan was to spend some time together and catch a meal at Spoonbills on Saturday.

The weather had been unsettled all day Friday and there was intermittent rain predicted for the whole weekend. When we got to Matagorda there was just enough daylight left to throw the cast net and I was able to snag a few shad and some finger mullet at the McNab Bridge.

I set out the light and started our first fire in the fire pit. There has been a burn ban on in most of the coastal counties due to the lack of rain but everything was damp and the pit was considered a containment area so we were OK.

After a quick supper of LQ lasagna, I rigged up some glow 1/16 oz H&H split tailed beetle speck rigs and headed out to the light. I caught a 13" fat speckled trout on the first cast and brought it to the trailer to show Tracy. She was still finishing up the dishes but quickly joined me at the river.

We were soon both catching specks and Tracy surprised us both by catching what we thought was a baby tarpon. This guy was a jumper and put up a good fight.

I posted up to my TKF buddies for confirmation and found out that this was most likely a skipjack herring. I may need to bring the fly rod down and target these in the near future...

Tracy caught the first keeper speck which measured in at over 17".

We used a variety of offerings including the 1/16 oz glow, some double shad rigs, Gulp swimming minnows on a heavy jighead, and the live bait.

I caught this fat sand trout and thought I had a nice speck until I posed for the picture and realized there were no spots!

We took a break and cooked some marshmallows on the coals in the pit. There is no comparison between cooking over live coals vs charcoal. I love Kingsford but it can't out shine oak for roasting marshmallows!

In all we strung up eight keeper specks - with some up to nearly 20".

These will make a nice meal! They even look good at the cleaning table.

Saturday morning was foggy and damp but when I stuck my head out the door of the trailer I could hear trout popping up close to the shore. I quickly dressed, grabbed a rod and one box of top water lures to see if I could fool a fish or two before breakfast.

I tried a pink headed spook jr. at first and had a couple of hits but they wouldn't commit.

I then switched over to a Yo-Zuri clown banana boat topwater and it was on!

I was getting hits on nearly every cast at first. Tracy came out and took these shots.

Nothing like an early morning topwater bite to start the day off right.

This was Valentine's Day after all and my wife said the most romantic thing a fisherman husband could ever hear - "It's early and you already smell like fish".

The morning bite was soon over and after breakfast we spent the day dodging in and out of the rain but managed to get most of our planned chores done.

We enjoyed our dinner for two at Spoonbills and headed home to prepare for Bible study and worship on Sunday. Thank God for His blessings and for PPRV#7.

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