Thursday, April 10, 2008

Panfishing at the Woodlands

While many of my co-workers hit the links after our second day of meetings, I took advantage of the time by wetting a line in the waterways surrounding the guest houses. I found several versions of panfish (aka bream, bluegill or sunfish).

These scrappy fighters hit my tiniest lures - both spinner baits and crankbaits.

Longear Sunfish

Female Bluegill

Male Bluegill

Juvenile Bluegill

Baby Bass

It was a great way to spend the afternoon and these fish were as beautiful to look at as most mountain trout.

I was not alone however as I was roaming the banks of the man-made waterways around the resort. There were several nutria rats who were used to folks feeding the resident ducks and were more than curious as they came up so close as to make you a little uncomfortable.

While usually considered common in Louisiana, these critters are increasing in number in Texas since there is currently no market for their pelts.

If after seeing these pictures and video you get to hankering for a big pot of Nutria Rat Chili, click here.

I think I'll pass...

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Bawana said...

Your getting nice colors with that camera! Nice post keep them coming.