Friday, April 25, 2008

Aqua Therapy

I have been experiencing some back trouble this week.

After a visit to the doc and some pharmaceuticals, I began reading about the condition (sciatica). There is much published about recovering from an episode of muscle spasms and nerve irritation but I couldn't find anything about "soaking the affected area in warm saltwater". I am here to report that if the conditions are right that is just what the doctor (should have) ordered.

So you might be asking what are the right conditions? How about breezy, overcast, chance of rain, "Gulf of Mexico brown" water, and tons of seaweed.

Add to that some fresh dead shrimp and some willing bottom feeders and you have a recipe for healing.

Hardhead catfish aren't exactly a glamorous target species but just to feel that tug-tug on the end of your line makes the pursuit worthwhile.

The spines on the dorsal and pectoral fins of these saltwater catfish are sharp as needles with a razor edge and contain a venom-like poison that will make the affected area burn. Careful handling is necessary to deal with these demons of the deep.

I made a new purchase that proved to be just the ticket for keeping my bait shrimp fresh and handy. This insulated thermos has a strap and a stainless steel liner. I put some ice in with my shrimp and they stayed cool, plump, and fresh throughout the 2 hours of fishing.

Last year I used a small ice chest which worked OK but when the ice would melt and I bent over the cold shrimp juice would leak out and run down my leg.


I think the thermos will be a much better solution.

There's nothing like innovation!

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Bawana said...

Hey that themos is a great idea, better keep a close eye on it when you fish with Paul he's on the lookout for more vessels to store wine and Rootbeer in. Hope your back is better after the saltwater soak it might need a second application.